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Focused Instruction. Hands-On Training. Practical Experience. Get the WellSpring Difference…

For almost 30 years, WellSpring School of Allied Health has helped people just like you get the health and wellness training to succeed—both personally and professionally.

We offer exciting training opportunities in Massage Therapy, Fitness & Nutrition and Healthcare. Whatever path you choose, at WellSpring you’ll get the skills and support it takes to pursue a fulfilling career. We invite you to explore the program and career options we offer. Choose your area of interest and click on the icon below to see how you can get started on a bright future you’re passionate about.


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The WellSpring Difference

WellSpring graduates earn more than a diploma or degree. Our comprehensive programs empower you with the skills to pursue an exciting career in the growing field of health and wellness while developing a deep understanding of both yourself and others. Whether it is on the massage table, in the gym, at a medical clinic, or at the dining room table, WellSpring School of Allied Health is about optimal wellness, in all its dimensions.

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Why WellSpring?

  1. Established Reputation—Institutionally accredited, by ABHES, WellSpring School of Allied Health has been a recognized industry leader in health and wellness training since 1988!
  2. Total Health and Wellness Focus—Unlike all-purpose technical institutes, WellSpring has focused solely on natural health and wellness for almost three decades. We’re 100% committed to wellness education.
  3. Instructors with Real World Experience—WellSpring prides itself on the strength of our faculty, the depth and diversity of our curriculum, and our small class size. Our programs are designed to empower you with the skills and confidence that will enable you to succeed in the real world.
  4. Flexible Schedules—Choose from convenient day or evening schedules. At WellSpring, we are dedicated to providing you with the flexibility, guidance, and support you need to thrive as you embark upon an exciting new career.
  5. Continuous Career Support—WellSpring is invested in the success of our students. Our career services team works with both recent and practicing graduates to provide referrals, job leads, and extensive opportunities for continuing education.

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